Mic Flammez – Avatar (Prod. by Kollins)


Togolese multiple awards winning rapper, brand ambassador of Togocel and Pamobar Entertainment signed artist Alvin Abdallah with the household name Mic Flammez has dished out a legit record which happens to be one of his constipated old projects reserved in his archives for 2017.

It took him a bit delay of time so as to pull a surprise on his fans to highlight the fact that he still remains untouchable┬áthe ”President of Togo Rap Music”. Togolese ace producer cum artist Kollins with classical works released recently was the maestro behind the rebirth of this monster hip hop from Africa. Two great masterminds at work thus the end result will surely be fire. This another award deserving banger tune. Kudos to Mic #PDRG!!

Grab a downloaded copy of this new music and enjoy the content of the rappers message to the masses.

Mic Flammez – Avatar (Prod. by Kollins) [Download Now]


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