LYRICS: Raingad – Firm Meditation


#FirmMeditation LYRICS

Onward again
Listen weh me seh

Some man ah chase whole heap ah things
So dem no grounded
But inna dis yah time
You gotta stand for one for one thing
Time to sow and time to reap
Man ah go bloom inna due season
What ever comes I just let be
Burn the stress and worry

Hustle in truth
Respect the root
Ah me say Onward
What about you?
Things we go through
They have no clue
Aahh Aahh

Firm meditation all through the pressure
You gotta be strong if you really want to make it

If you can’t see the forest from the trees
You will dash the baby with the bath water
Man will make you feel like you no really worth a thing
You keep listening to dem and you’re never getting up
Look to God alone
Look to God alone
Put in the works
Do your best and look to God alone
And then

Raingad – Firm Meditation 


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